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[CA11] iTC-5 not MDS compatible?
07-31-19, 04:55 PM (This post was last modified: 08-05-19 09:47 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] iTC-5 not MDS compatible?
I have an iTC-5 with a paddlewheel speed transducer and Rotavecta wind indicator. Also in the system is an EV-1, ACU-150, i70 and p70 and an Axiom12. All have the latest software updates and have done the Factory Reset.

The i70 and p70 are reluctant to let me select the iTC-5 as the speed source, I get a warning that the EV-1 will not like this. In the Setup>Datasource>Speed menu the iTC-5 appears and there is a checkbox for it, however it does not stick on the i70, unless I do this while the autopilot power is shut off (powers the ACU-150 but not the EV-1). Then I can see paddlewheel speed on the i70. If I select "Auto" I cannot, nor will the p70 correctly display apparent wind speed.

The Axiom 12 gives warnings about the iTC-5 if data sources are queried, saying the iTC-5 is incompatible and to consult the manual (which has no information related). In fact a couple of attempts to query this usually results in the Axiom spontaneously resetting itself. A result of this is that the Axiom has no speed data at all, and tides are always indicated with a drift equal to SOG. This didn't happen on LH3.9 but does now on LH3.10.

The iTC-5 isn't new, but it is current product and the only way to use a Rotavecta, also current product. Please tell me how to configure this.
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08-05-19, 09:57 AM (This post was last modified: 08-05-19 09:57 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] iTC-5 not MDS compatible?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum jfitch,

Please click here to view a thread in which I had recently addressed this subject. Accordingly, please ensure that all other devices within the system have been updated with the latest respective product software.

STW and wind would need to be determined by the i70/i70S MFID within the system. Please ensure that the Transducer Set-Up feature (MENU->SET-UP->TRANSDUCERS SET-UP) has been executed for both wind and speed. The MFD will merely repeat such data and permit dependent features to be used if such data is present. Should the system feature only one source of STW and wind, then there would be no need to configure a Speed source and wind source via the Data Sources feature. Accordingly, troubleshooting should begin with the i70/i70S MFID within the system to ensure that STW and wind have been calibrated via the i70/i70S MFID.

See my opening remark concerning operation with the latest available product software. Should this be the case within your system, then please attach a diagram of the system showing each marine electronics device within the system and how they have been interfaced to one another.

As a side note, unlike True Wind, AWA and AWS are not dependent upon STW data.
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