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Full Version: Would you like to become a Raymarine Product Tester?
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Would you like to become a Raymarine Product Tester? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator

Would you like to become a Raymarine Product Tester?

If you own an Axiom, eS or gS MFD, you can apply to become a Raymarine Product Tester which will enable you to influence new features which you will be able to preview & test before they become available to the market. To register your interest, please click here and complete the survey found HERE. You will then be contacted by Raymarine’s ‘Global Field Trials Facilitator’ via email who will provide you with some more information. Please be aware that successful applicants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to enable you to participate. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your input.

“My background as an electrical engineer and avid boater/charter captain is a very good combination to support Raymarine as a field Beta tester. I started as a beta tester over 10 years ago, prior to FLIR acquiring Raymarine. I can attest to the significant improvements FLIR has made to the Raymarine product development process. One of the obvious benefits as a Beta tester is the constant upgrade of software and influencing the latest features. Now these upgrades are not without some frustrations but that is what you sign up for, however it is very rewarding knowing you have made a contribution in helping to make sure the latest products are performing to expectations.” Cptn JS, USA

“I’ve been a beta tester for something over 20 years, starting with autohelm autopilots and progressing to the full range of equipment on three different boats. I enjoy the relationship with Raymarine, the support I get from their Product Assurance team and particularly the opportunity to influence future designs. The time I spend installing, evaluating and testing new products and upgrades is really enjoyable and I believe I am more than compensated by having my Princess 50 up to date.” BD, UK

“I have been involved in Raymarine's beta testing for nearly two years. To me, the best value in being a beta tester is that I am able to give my opinion on what features are needed in real situations on the water, from a fisherman's perspective. It is great to see an end product, which I had a hand in perfecting, that is geared to fulfil the needs of every Captain.” Captain JW, South Africa

“I have been involved with equipment testing since 2004; first with Tack Tick then with Raymarine. The obvious benefits to me are the use of state of the art equipment, but just as important is the sense of involvement with a major electronics manufacturer. As a professional yachtsman I am out on the water a great deal and I like to think that my experience using this equipment helps in some small way to improve the products for the benefit of others. As a by- product it helps to keep my brain working!” KC, UK

“I became a beta tester for Raymarine back in 2005 when I discovered an issue with my then brand new E120 communicating with a DSC radio via NMEA0183. When I was told it was a software issue, I shared what Raymarine hardware I had and volunteered to test beta software to resolve that issue. I guess my feedback was valuable, because shortly after I started I was not only testing software, but not-yet-released hardware as well! It was like having Christmas all year long! And it kept my wife very happy because I wasn’t asking all the time if I could get this or that to enhance or upgrade what I had on the boat. I would get new items weeks or months before the public release, and add it in to my network(s), verify functionality of the new items, and confirm that the new hardware and software didn’t cause the existing devices to become unstable. Another aspect of being a beta tester is to make suggestions on adding (or removing) features from devices. You see, hardware and software developers are often engineers who have a limited appreciation for what it’s like being out on a boat in all conditions, including those less than ideal ones that us boaters are ALL to familiar with. That is why OUR feedback is so important to Raymarine, to help make a great product line even better. If you are an avid boater like me, and have the ability to spend some time running cutting edge hardware and software, and aren’t afraid if some devices may not perform as expected (after all you ARE working with beta software), signing up as a tester for Raymarine is for you. I enjoy being able to get new (and REALLY COOL) features before they are available to the marketplace, and have an impact on how to help make these products better.“ Cptn JF, USA

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