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Full Version: Quantum vs HD Digital vs HD/SuperHD Open Array Radar
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Quantum vs HD Digital vs HD/SuperHD Open Array Radar

The new Raymarine Quantum Radomes feature HD color imaging, low power consumption, instant ON operation, and very good close range performance, making them an excellent choice for sailing vessels (or other vessels where the lower radar power consumption is a concern) seeking a 24 nm radar. Should a customer be interested in longer range, 48 RPM operation, dual range, or should the vessel be primarily used for fishing, then a HD Digital Radome or HD Open Array Radar System would typically be recommended. The HD Digital Radomes support Bird Mode with compatible MFDs, increasing the ease of locating sea birds, which in turn signal the presence of fish. Power consumption, instant ON operation, 48 RPM operation, dual range, and Bird Mode features aside, comparing Quantum Radomes to HD Radomes and HD/Super HD Open Array Radar Systems is essentially one of Good, Better, and Best with respect to radar performance (target definition, range, etc.).

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