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Full Version: [CA11] Transducer compatibility?
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Hi all!
I have a ST60 Wind/Tridata combination on my boat, a 2002 Elan 333. The set is probably from when the boat was built (I am the third or fourth owner) and it has worked well over the years. This summer though, the wind speed rotor began to bind, giving too low readings. Instead of buying a new wind vane replacement I got a new set of i50/i60 instruments with new depth, log and wind transducers. The reson for this was that I got a very good deal on the package and would have had to pay almost half of the price for just a new wind transducer, and also I wanted a set of repeater instruments at the nav table, where the old instruments would go.

In hindsight I realize that there will be quite a lot of work replacing the depth and log transducers, manly because of the complicated cable routing in the Elan. So the question is: Will the old ST60 transducers work as well as the new ones with the i50/i60 instruments? If so, I can leave the hull fittings as is and just run a SeaTalk cable from the helm to the nav table. If not, I will have to bite the bullet and do the transducer replacement. Fairly simple (except for the cabling) for the log that I have already verified fits in the old hull fitting, but the depth transducer must be replaced now during the winter when the boat is hauled. (I am located in Sweden, so the waters do freeze!) Or I could cut the cables at the transducer end and do a splice, but that would void the warranty and possibly play havoc with the depth readings...

A third option would be to use the new instruments as repeaters at the nav table, that might be the simplest solution.

Grateful for any input!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lars,

Depth, speed/temp, and wind transducers which had been designed for use with ST60 instruments may be retained for use with i50/i60 instruments should they be in good working order. As you have suggested depth transducer cables should not be modified (i.e. cut/spliced/extended).
Thanks for the info! That should save a lot of work.
You're welcome.
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