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Full Version: [CA11] Updating EV-1, ACU-200, P70 Software
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I'm trying to update my autopilot equipment software versions that seem to be on the original revs; is it possible to do so with the P70 off the network (for repair)? I'm using an A70 as the MFD and a correctly formatted/sized CF drive for the upgrades.

I can see the pkg options on the MFD but when I try to start the upgrade process it doesn't proceed. Also I'm surprised to see that Seatalk NG is not an option for transporting the updates to the other pieces even though that is the actual network being used. NMEA and Seatalk 2 are the options shown on the MFD; nothing happens when I try the NMEA option and selecting the Seatalk 2 option does try to do something but it times out. See the attached screenshot.

Should the light be on the EV-1 when powered or does it rely on the P70 to get powered up correctly? At present it does not show any light.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Denis+Ellis,

You may have indeed identified the source of the issue, as indeed the EV-1 CCU's LED should be illuminated. Autopilot control heads are powered by the backbone ... they do snot supply power a backbone. Some autopilot course computers and some ACUs are designed to supply power to a backbone. While it is considered to be a best installation practice to power the backbone via a SeaTalkng Power Cable which has been powered from a dedicated switched 12VDC power circuit, within small system (i.e. those featuring simply a MFD and an Evolution autopilot), some will elect to power the backbone from the ACU. A dip switch is provided on interface panel of the ACU-200 and ACU-400 to switch power on/off from the ACU. In this case I suspect that you will find that either the ACU is not powered ON or the circuit which is responsible for supplying power to the SeaTalkng Power Cable is switched off.
Thanks Chuck. See the attached shot of the ACU which to me does look like it is trying to power the backbone. The DIPswitch looks like it's set to ON but the LED is red; should it be green? I have not had a chance to probe for power on the backbone yet but all bar the P70 on the simple network had been working satisfactorily up to recently. See separate thread on the P70 issues.

The SeaTalkng power switch features two LEDs. When the switch is moved to the OFF position, the green LED to the left of the switch will be illuminated. When the switch is moved to the ON position, the red LED to the right of the switch will be illuminated. Within systems featuring more than a MFD and an Evolution autopilot within the backbone, it is recommended that the backbone be powered according to the best practice indicated within my last response to prevent under-powering the backbone. If the other devices meant to be powered by the backbone appear to be powered and the Status LED of the EV-1 not be illuminated, then there is either a fault with the EV-1 or the networking components connecting it to the backbone.
I cycled the DIP Switch for Seatalk NG on the AC-200 and I reseated the connector and managed to get power back to the EV-1. I could then proceed with the update to the EV-1 and AC-200 using the MFD.
Thanks for your help!
You're welcome.
Now that I got the replacement P70 back (P70S actually) I am trying to get the latest software update on the P70S. However I am not seeing the packages available when I insert the CF into the MFD; I was expecting to see the same options as in post #1 but the left panel is blank on the MFD. I made sure I used the correctly formatted and sized CF card and used a Windows PC to transfer the files. Note that as the boat is ashore for the winter I have not yet calibrated the P70S; I doubt that's the issue though.

Any ideas?

Try re-populating the root level directory of the CF memory card with only the autoruna.dob file and the P70_Pilot_v3.09.pkg files.
I tried reformatting the 32MB CF card (FAT) and then just loading the autoruna.dob and P70_Pilot_v3.09.pkg files but I still come up blank. It is clearly seeing the autoruna.dob file as it does boot to the correct screen (assuming that is the file to tell it to look for upgrade packages); it just doesn't seem to see the P70_Pilot_v3.09.pkg file.

I have been unable to duplicate the reported issue when using the p70 software update files (autoruna.dob file and the P70_Pilot_v3.09.pkg) within the downloaded EVO_p70_ACU_via_A-Classic.zip file downloaded from Raymarine's US p70 Software Update Web Page. My A70D correctly lists p70 v3.09 software update package within the Upgrade Packages Available list of the Raymarine Software Upgrade Utility. It would accordingly be recommended that the software update from this web page be attempted. Unfortunately, should this not work, then I can only advise trying to perform the update with another another CF memory card ... perhaps you Navionics chart card (DO NOT DELETE ANY NAVIONICS FILES FROM THE CHART CARD OR PERFORM ANY FORMATTING OF THE CHART CARD) ... or that the autopilot components be updated by a Certified Raymarine Installer.
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