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Before I start asking my question, please understand I know nothing about Radar and accessories. This is all a learning curve for me.

I have recently purchased an array of equipment. I realize I am not going to be using all of it. My quest with this post, is in hopes someone can tell me what will work and what is excess.

Please understand, I have verified all the pieces to be functional. At least to the point of booting up and giving me menu options.

Here is the list if equipment:

Raymarine C120 MFD
Raymarine Radar Dome
Raymarine DSM300
Raymarine iTC5 - converter
Raymarine SeaTalk high speed network
Raymarine RayStar GPS 125 antenna

Airmar P79 Transducer
West Marine 1000 AIS transceiver

Standard Horizon VHF GX2000 (AIS programable)

Furuno GP30 GPS
Furuno RD30
Furuno LS6000 LCD Sounder
Raytheon RC520 Chartplotter
Raytheon L750 Fish Finder

I have obtained my MMSAI number and I have shipped my AIS to West Marine to have it programmed.

I have the C120, connected to the Dome and all is working --- I have the DSM300 inline as well. I also have a DSM30 that seems to be workable.

I am wanting to connect the L750 into the system, but I;m not sure how. I can make a stand along unit if necessary.

Do I need or can I use any of the additional equipment I have?

My purpose: I am moving a boat from the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway just north of Mobile, Al up to the Tennessee River. The Tenn Tom Waterway is a narrow, twisting waterway that is heavily used by tows and barges. -- I just want to be sure I am prepared!!

Any comments or suggestion are appreciated --- Except those questioning my sanity :)


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum TRD,

Product manuals for the Raymarine and Raytheon products listed may be found with the other retired manuals via Raymarine's Support web page. Should this Forum have been consulted prior to purchasing this equipment, caution would have been raised ... particularly with regard to the availability of cartography, that support, parts, and services are no longer available many these long ago retired products (i.e. C-Series Classic MFDs, 2D/4D/RD218/RD424 radomes, hsb Pathfinder Series Displays, DSM300, and L750 fishfinder). Without such cartography ... and the ability to get updates to the cartography, the chartplotters would either display no detailed cartography or would display outdated ... and therefore potentially inaccurate cartography. C-Series Classic MFDs were designed for use with Navionics Gold, Platinum, and HotMaps cartography which had been installed onto Navionics Compact Flash chart cards. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

Similarly, the 20+ year old Raytheon branded RC520 (a hsb Pathfinder Series Display) was exclusively compatible with C-Map NT cartography which had been programmed onto C-Map C-Cards. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. To the best of my knowledge, C-Map NT chart cards have not been available for some time.

The L750 is a 20+ year old non-networked fishfinder display for which Raymarine no longer offers transducers (or other parts). Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where it may be possible to obtain a transducer for this long retired product.

Q1. I am wanting to connect the L750 into the system, but I;m not sure how. I can make a stand along unit if necessary.
A1. As indicated within the comments above, the L750 is not designed to be networked to other products.

Q2. Do I need or can I use any of the additional equipment I have?
A2. Should the Raystar 125 GPS Sensor be operational, then it may be interfaced via SeaTalk communications protocol to supply the C-Series Classic MFD with GPS data. It is not recommended that the RC520 be networked to the C-Series Classic MFD, as navigation (i.e. Go To Waypoint / Cursor Position or Follow Route) initiated on the C-Series Classic MFD and then stopped via the C-Series Classic MFD will persist on the RC520. C-Series Classic MFDs are not designed to share cartography, fishfinder, radar, or AIS features with any other products. The AIS transceiver may be interfaced to the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable (should you have one ... no longer available) to support AIS features within the C-Series Classic MFD.

Should the Furuno equipment be operational, then you may want to consider interfacing it's NMEA 0183 output to the VHF radio and to the RC520 (if it will be used) to supply them with GPS data.

As indicated above, the key in making effective use of this equipment is the availability of acquiring up to date chart cards which may be used by these products. I apologize for not being more positive in this response, but the availability of parts and cartography for the long retired Raymarine products may be limiting or a show stopper.
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