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Full Version: [LW11] Quantum Radome E70210 problem echo ?
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Hello, I bought a sailboat with a quantum radar of 2016 and unfortunately the guarantee stopped in June 2019, bad luck : - (
My radar connects correctly to wifi and / or ethernet cable on my ES128, everything works fine except that I do not see any echos ... (example in attachment) I use lightroom 3 to update. Is someone can help me find the problem it would be great, because Raymarine offers the package of 950 euros to repair it when you are out of warranty, but the brand new radar costs 1200 euros excl. VAT.
But if it breaks down every time just after 3 years warranty, I'm not sure to buy one again.... a big thank you for your help

video with the problem
Dear damienjoachim,

Your radar units looks like it is faulty and will require testing along with investigation, can you email me at so I can assist you with getting support closest to your location.

Many Thanks
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