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Full Version: [CA11] Sonar Recognition Axiom Pro
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Our Echopilot Forward Looking Sonar isn't being recognized by our Axiom Pro MFD's. The Sonar is working as it displays direct HDMI on a TV. Unfortunately, unlike our previous e128's, the Pro's do not have direct HDMI input so it must be converted to SDI. Last year that worked but the converter wasn't the highest quality (Manhattan 150095), now we have an AJA HA5-PLUS. Both are apparently receiving signal and power but the system isn't recognizing FLS Sonar.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Raymarine From Joe,

Raymarine MFDs are not designed to support third party sonar imaging products via the MFD's Fishfinder features. Like e-Series MFDs and eS-Series MFDs, Axiom Pro MFD are designed to support viewing video from a NTSC/PAL video source (via the NTSC/PAL video input socket on the MFD's Power/NMEA 0183/Video input cable and from compatible IP sources. Larger e-Series MFDs featured a VGA output port and larger eS-Series MFDs featured a HDMI output port. As noted, the latter were video output, not video input ports. Axiom Pro MFDs do not support SDI, as is supported by the adapter which you have referenced. Accordingly, when replacing an e-Series MFD or eS-Series MFD with an Axiom Pro MFD, no change should have been required in the manner that the Echopilot had been interfaced to the MFD. As Echopilot Forward Looking Sonar features HDMI and VGA video output, it would typically be advised that the HDMI output of the Echopilot be adapted to NTSC.
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