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I am having difficulty in producing a GPX file from the waypoints, routes, and tracks from within this Archive.fsh file. An E-Series Classic MFD produced the Archive.fsh file.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chris,

Please note that the ARCHIVE.FSH file which you had provided contained not routes ... verification performed by importing the ARCHIVE.FSH file into an E-Series Classic MFD running v5.69 software. The ARCHIVE.FSH file did however contain waypoints and tracks. The waypoints and tracks were then exported from the E-Series Classic MFD, resulting in a file named archive.FSH. The latter file was then imported into a MFD running LightHouse II v13.37 software (supports both FSH and GPX file formats). The attached Archive_12_03_2019.gpx file includes the associated waypoints and tracks from the ARCHIVE.FSH file which you had provided.
Thank you. You are correct that there are no routes. The new file looks great.

I have another backed up ARCHIVE.FSH with some older information on it. I would really appreciate it if you could do the same thing with this file. I think it may have some routes as well.

I have attached the file.

Many thanks

The Archive.FSH file which you had submitted with your most recent post only contained waypoint data. The GPX file which I have attached to this response was likewise exported from a MFD running LightHouse II v13.37 software and contains the waypoint data from your most recently submitted Archive.FSH file.
Thank you doing the added conversion. Seems like I dont have any routes at all.

So a question about the old E120.
When I did a backup 'All' does the old backup get completely overwritten or does just the new data get written leaving the any information that was previously there alone.

My example .. I had old tracks done in previous years backed up. Since the E120 could only hold 10 tracks I would delete them from the E120 to provide room for new tracks. At the end of year 2 I do a backup of 'All' tracks hoping to add year 2 tracks to the existing tracks backup. Would the 'All' backup just overwrie all tracks just leaving year 2.

Sorry for all the detail but trying to better understand why I have so few tracks.


Unlike Raymarine's MFDs running the latest LigthHouse 3 or LightHouse II, E-Series Classic MFDs did not have a single command option which would initiate saving all waypoints, routes, and tracks. Accordingly, the operator had to command the E-Series Classic MFD to save all waypoints, then to save all routes, and finally to save all tracks. Executing one or all three of these commands will produce a single Archive.fsh file. The Archive.fsh file produced by the E-Series Classic MFD will not support saving more waypoints, routes, or tracks than are supported by the MFD's internal memory. Accordingly, should on have been interested in saving tracks each year, it would typically have been recommended that the operator command the MFD to save the tracks and that the Archive.fsh file be saved on a computer under a name which is descriptive of its contents (ex. 2016Tracks.fsh, 2017WptRteTrk.fsh etc.). Should the file later be needed to retrieve data from one of these saved files, then it would need to be renamed to Archive.fsh prior to copying it to a CF memory card for use with the E-Series Classic MFD.
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