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Full Version: [CA11] Which ACU?
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I am in the process of upgrading the electronics on a twin diesel cruiser, LOA 50', 35,000 lbs loaded. The current ACU is a "150G' with a ST7001 head and a type 1 hydraulic pump, and 12V system. No power steering. It has worked well for many seasons.
The upgrade will include Axiom/Axiom Pro screens and SeaTalkng, radar, weather, etc. so I want to move to the Evolution A/P as well.
I had been looking at the EV-200 (T-70156) and met with a local installer today who suggested the EV-150 system instead (no pump required). I believe the order# is T-70407 but I cannot find that in the Raymarine website.
1) Is the core pack without pump available for the EV-150?
2) How can I decide between the EV-150 and the EV-200?
3) Is the boat too large for the EV-150?
Thank you for your help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum James,

For clarity purposes, the 150G is more than an actuator control unit (ACU). The 150G, like all Raymarine autopilots preceding the Evolutions autopilots combine the function of an ACU, course computer, and heading sensing within a single autopilot component. With the introduction of Evolution autopilots, the ACU feature and course computer/heading sensing features have been broken out into separate components. More specifically, course computation / heading sensing (as well roll, pitch, and rate sensing) are performed by the EV-1/EV-2 CCUs. The EV-1 CCU will in turn be interfaced to an ACU, the model of which is dependent upon the model of drive unit which is installed onboard the vessel. The model of drive unit to be used for hydraulically steered vessels is determined by the number of hydraulic steering cylinders, their individual cubic capacity, and whether they have been plumbed in series or in parallel.

Assuming the 12V Type 1 hydraulic pump was correctly selected for your system, then a T70407 EV-150 Evolution Core Pack would typically be recommended. You are correct that this item is not listed on Raymarine's website (as are many other items), however this part number is valid and may be purchased/ordered from an authorized Raymarine dealer. If seeking a more heavily constructed ACU or should the pump/power system be 24VDC, then an ACU-200 may alternatively be used. The ACU-200 is bundled within the T70156 EV-200 Power for those desiring a rotary knob on the control head or the T70155 EV-200 Sail for those desiring push button controls on the autopilot control head.

Q1) Is the core pack without pump available for the EV-150?
A1) Yes. As indicated above, the correct part number is T70407.

A2) How can I decide between the EV-150 and the EV-200?
A2) See the comments above.

Q3) Is the boat too large for the EV-150?
A3) As indicated above, the ACU is determined by the type of drive unit required for the vessel. If the Type 1 pump is correct for your vessel, then the EV-150 will be quite satisfactory and will permit some savings over the T70156 EV-200 Power or T70155 EV-200 Sail.
Thank you very much for the information.
You're welcome.
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