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Full Version: [CA11] a128 to Robertson autopilot
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I am going to try and interface my autopilot to my a128. It’s an older Robertson using NEMA 0183. I am going into the a128 from the autopilot so I would be using its
Heading sensor. Then out of the a128 to the autopilot and it should drive to a waypoint. The manual doesn’t have the wiring diagram. I am also going to have to extend the wires. What gauge is the wire and do you have a cable to extend it that’s color coded the same
Thanks Sherman
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Sherman,

Actually, information concerning a128 MFD's NMEA 0183 interface (including the colors of its NMEA 0183 leads) may be found within Chapter 4.9: NMEA 0183 connection – Power/NMEA/Video Cable of the a/c/e-Series Installation Instructions. As long as the Robertson autopilot supports NMEA 0183 v2.0 or above communications protocol, then the MFD's NMEA 0183 Port 1 OUT leads may be interfaced to the autopilot's NMEA 0183 IN terminals. Should the autopilot additionally support outputting only heading data (rudder angle is also acceptable) from it's NMEA 0183 OUT port, then the MFD's NMEA 0183 Port 1 IN leads may be interfaced to the autopilot's NMEA 0183 OUT terminals. Unlike NMEA 2000 communications protocol, there is no standard called out for color code for NMEA 0183 communications leads. NMEA 0183 leads may be extended using commonly available marine grade twisted pair signal cable.

Robertson was acquired by Navico (800.628.4487). Should you have questions concerning you Robertson autopilot's NMEA 0183 communications interface, it would be recommended that Navico's support team be contacted.
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