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Full Version: [CA11] Wind speed jumping
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We have an issue with the wind speed giving irregular readings.

We have a network on the boat with 2 x e165 displays, 8 x i70 displays and autopilot, AIS, VHF all raymarine and 2 Garmin repeater displays too.

The wind information is from a E22078 wind transducer wired through a itc-5 converter.

The cable has a join at the base of the mast and another 4 meter section to the itc-5.

I have recently replaced the Wind transducer, the mast head socket and the cable due to weather/corrosion/age damage.

The wind direction is fine.

The wind speed reads fine for 50% of the time but every 4-6 seconds spikes to 60-80 knots of wind, then returns to normal. This only occurs when we are at sea and the boat is moving/rocking. In the marina or flat seas it reads fine. The cable is secure in the boat and in trunking in the mast so not flapping about. The boat is a large catamaran so does not move wildly and I cannot believe the mast moves at 50 knots to create extra wind.

I can only guess that current is induced in the cable when we move about, but should the shielding not prevent this?

I have only recently joined the boat so do not know how it behaved before.

Any ideas appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum YachtAlia,

Was the problem observed immediately after installing the new masthead transducer? If so, then the problem may be rooted within the iTC-5. This issue may often be addressed by taking the shield wire on the Wind connection and moving it to the shield on the Depth connection in the iTC-5. Should this not solve the problem, then it would be recommended that the iTC-5 along with the masthead transducer be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Yes. The mast head transducer is new and this was observed on the first outing. The iTC-5 is a couple of years old. I will try moving the shield and checking connections on the joints.

You're welcome.
To Report.

I have put a jumper wire to connect the ground wire for the wind and the depth in the iTC-5.

We have had a few trips out and it has mostly solved the issue. We have had one particularly bumpy day when the reading were still jumping, but not as much as before. On the average trip out the wind reading is very reliable.

Thank you for the assistance and I hope this helps other with similar issues.

Now what was next on the list?
You're welcome.
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