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Full Version: [CA11] RMK-10 Protective Cover
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Does Raymarine have a protective cover for the RMK-10? I cannot find reference to one but it seems odd not to have a cover option.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rudy,

Raymarine has not offered a protective cover for the RMK-9 and RMK-10. A product request will be logged to consider production of such covers.

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Yes I agree, maybe there is a third party manuf. that has one available? or Raymarine will come out with one soon?

Noted. I'm not aware of any third party manufacturers of RMK covers. Raymarine has not yet announced any plans to offer RMK covers. See my initial response to this thread.
Just checking in; any updates on a chance of this RMK-10 silicone protective sun cover being made by Raymarine or a third part manuf. in the near future? Thank you

Raymarine has not announced any plans to offer RMK covers and this has been the only request for such received via Raymarine's Forum. As there would appear to be no near term offering from Raymarine, you may want to consider searching the Internet for custom silicone rubber electronics covers. A quick search this morning yielded the following manufacturer: Custom Rubber Corp.
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