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Full Version: [CA11] E120/E80/RD424/DSM300 won't talk to each other
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I could sure use some help. I have the following equipment installed on my Bertram. E120 MFD, E80 MFD, RD424 Radome, Raystar 125 GPS antenna, DSM300 and an Airmar P75 thru-hull transducer along with the original Raymarine Network Switch. Both MFDs are running v5.69 software.

We bought her as a project and installed all this gear 2 years ago (It came in the deal, uninstalled.) The configuration is exactly the same as the illustration on Page 20 in the E-Classic Series installation manual, with the single exception that the RD424 is connected to the Network Switch. It worked OK until early summer, except that I could never get the two MFDs to communicate. I had the radar and sounder on the E120 and used the E80 for GPS navigation. We put the Bertram in the dock for a few months while we worked with the treasure boat and just got back to her last week.
Presently I have nothing that will work other than the E80/GPS. The Raymarine Forum FAQs say that if the 2 MFDs won't see each other, to change the Network Switch. I did that, no change.
I reset to factory defaults/spec...no change
I have tried changing the DSM300 for another...no help. I have tried different ethernet cables...no change.
I changed out the Network Switch for a new one...no help.
When I run system diagnostics, everything checks out...Hardware, software, the SeatalkHS shows that it is active, but sees no devices.
and on and on.
I know a bit about computers and electronics, or thought I did up to now. What am I doing wrong?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

Q. The Raymarine Forum FAQs say that if the 2 MFDs won't see each other, to change the Network Switch. I did that, no change.
A. There's actually more to it than that. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Disregard the suggestion to verify/update the DSM's software. From the information specified therein, what IP addresses and serial number were reported within the MFD's diagnostics for each MFD?

The following method may be used to test each MFD's Ethernet communications interface:

Testing MFD Ethernet Port:
- configure a PC Ethernet adapter's Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) settings with the static IP Address and subnet mask
- connect the PC's Ethernet port to one of the SeaTalkhs port of one of the system's MFDs via an Ethernet patch cable and a SeaTalkhs cable that have been joined with a SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler, SeaTalkhs Network Switch, or SR6 Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver/Network Switch.
- Open a windows Command Tool and ping the MFD's IP address as determined above (ex. ping 10.0.03). Should the command result in responses from the MFD respond, then its Ethernet communications circuitry would be deemed to be operational.
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