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Full Version: [CA11] Ray 54E Keys not responding
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My Ray 54E is transmitting and receiving. But:
1. It flips between HI and LO on its own and I can not control this with the HI/LO keys either on the microphone unit or the main unit.
2. None of the keys on the microphone unit are working. Only the transmit button works
3. None of the keys on the main unit are working...Channnel , squelch and PWR/Volume are working.

I guess I should ditch the radio and buy a new one but I still wanted to ask!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Banu,

It would indeed appear that the VHF radio has suffered a failure of its circuitry. As Raymarine can no longer service these VHF radios, it would need to be replaced. VHF radios of this class would typically be replaced with a Ray50 or Ray53.
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