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Full Version: Quantum radome not communicating via Wi-Fi with a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD
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Quantum radome not communicating via Wi-Fi with a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD

It is recommended that radomes and open array pedestals be powered from a dedicated power circuit which may be switched ON/OFF without affecting the power state of the system's other marine electronics devices. Should a Quantum radome not detect the presence of a MFD within 10 minutes of the circuit supplying it with power having been energized, then the Quantum radome will enter sleep mode. Sleep mode may only be exited by cycling power to the Quantum radome. If previously paired to the Quantum radome, the MFD's Wi-Fi is configured ON, the power circuit supplying the Quantum radome be energized, and the MFD be unable to communicate with the Quantum radome, then it is recommended that the power circuit supplying the Quantum radome be switch OFF and that it then be switched ON again to force the Quantum radome to restart.

Should the communications problem persist, then the following procedure may be used to troubleshoot a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD Wi-Fi communications with a Quantum radome:
1 - Perform the Wi-Fi site survey called for within the Quantum Radome Installation Instructions. This can easily be accomplished using a mobile device running an app capable of reporting Wi-Fi signal strength in dB (ex. Wi-Fi Analyzer, etc.). For reliable Wi-Fi performance, the signal strength received from the Wi-Fi equipped MFD should be better than -75 dBm at the location where the Quantum radome will be installed. Should the measured signal strength at the desired installation location for the Quantum radom be -75 dBM, then it would be recommended that a Quantum radome having a wired communications interface (eg. Quantum Q24C) be installed.

Note: In determining signal strength, closer that the reported signal strength is to 0 dBm, the greater its Wi-Fi signal strength will be (e.g.–40 dBm is better than –75 dBm).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1397]

2 - verify that the Quantum radome has not been interfaced to the system via its Ethernet communications interface (i.e. via a Quantum Radome Data Cable or Digital Radar Cable w/Y-Cable Adapter). If so, then the Radar application may simply be opened, the Quantum radome commanded ON, and then to transmit. Quantum radomes which have been interfaced to a system of compatible MFDs via Ethernet communications will be unable to communicate with the Quantum radome via Wi-Fi.

3 - verify that the MFD has been updated with v17.46 or later a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software, and if not, update the MFD's software accordingly

4 - verify that the Quantum radome has been updated with v1.46 or later Quantum radome software, and if not update the Quantum radome's software accordingly ... should you be unable to do so, then it is recommended that the radome's software be updated by your Raymarine dealer using the radome's Ethernet communications interface.

5 - verify the SSID and passcode of the Quantum radome (this information is printed on the label affixed to the bottom of the Quantum radome, the package's label, and the product's literature)

6 - if interfacing with an a-Series MFD, verify that the MFD features a Wi-Fi communications interface. MFDs lacking a Wi-Fi communications interface will not support the following command sequence: HOME->SET-UP->WIRELESS CONNECTIONS->WI-FI.

7 - verify that the MFD's Wi-Fi (HOME->SET-UP->WIRELESS CONNECTIONS->WI-FI->WI-FI) has been configured to ON

8 - verify that the MFD's Wi-Fi Communications circuitry is operational by verifying that one of the Raymarine Mobile Apps can communicate with the MFD

9 - switch the power circuit supplying the Quantum radome OFF

10 - switch the power circuit supplying the Quantum radome ON

11 - command the MFD to pair with the Quantum radome (HOME->SET-UP->EXTERNAL DEVICES->SYSTEM SETTINGS->EXTERNAL DEVICES->QUANTUM RADAR->PAIR WITH QUANTUM RADAR). Be certain pay attention to letter case and accuracy of the SSID and Passcode entered

12 - select the Connect to Quantum Radar dialog's CONNECT button

13 - Open a page featuring the Radar application (ex. HOME->RADAR)

14 - Select the TX (to transmit) or ON (to enter Standby mode) button within radar state dialog within the Radar application

Should the procedure specified above not correct the problem, should no other MFD be paired with the Quantum radome, should the system only contain one radar transmitter, and should voltage test of the circuit supplying the Quantum radome with power reveal no issues, then it would be recommended that a System Settings Reset (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->SYSTEM SETTINGS RESET) be performed via the system's Data Master MFD, that the system be re-configured, and that communications with the Quantum radome then be established. Should the problem persist, then the Quantum radome should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced.

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