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Full Version: [LW11] Android update and unable to connect Raymarine android apps to Axiom Pro 9S
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Hello all,

I have an Axiom Pro 9S that is fully updated and also 2 x Android devices that are fully updated and unable to get Raycontrol, Rayremote or Rayviewer to connect.

Is this because the Android devices are fully up to date, as they used to connect without any issues and we found this invaluable. Since updating we cant connect to the Axiom Pro 9S.

The Axiom Pro 9S is running the latest LH3 firmware (released Nov 2019).


Dear leemarkadams,

Thank you for your post.

What devices are you using and what version of android are you using?

We are unable to test every device and firmware revision that is released. Can you connect wirelessly to the Axiom?

Many Thanks
The android tablet is a HUAWEI MediaPad M5 running android 9 and want to connect to my axiom Pro 9s running the latest LH3 firmware.

As said the tablet used to connect but now the tablet firmware is updated it does not.

I can connect to the axiom Pro 9s and use rayremote/raycontrol using an old ipad2 without any issues.


Dear leemarkadams,

I would suggest to continue using the iPad 2 if that currently works, we will not be implementing any further updates to the apps.
It maybe the apps are no longer compatible with your android device and the revision of software installed.

Many Thanks
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