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Full Version: [CA11] RCU-3 integrtation with Axiom and functionality
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I, like others, eagerly await the day the RCU-3 works with Lighthouse 3 software. I would like to suggest that the ‘.’ Button on the RCU-3 is configurable so that it either places a waypoint or centres the boat on the display. There is nothing more irritating that having to leave the helm position to re-centre the boat on the display. It could be configured in the Lighthouse 3 software or the ‘.’ button could have a dual function, one press to place a waypoint and two presses (or a long press) to re-centre the display. Please give this some thought, thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum whiteeagle,

Please not that when operating in moving map mode, the vessel icon will not scroll off of the screen. When the MFD is commanded to display a page featuring the Chart application, the Chart application will automatically be in moving map mode and will display the vessel's position as a vessel icon or black dot (if the system has acquired a GPS position FIX. Moving map mode is exited whenever the operator interacts with the Chart application to pan the chart. Moving mode is re-entered by selecting the FIND SHIP icon displayed on the MFD's screen or selecting the FIND SHIP menu option.

For those seeking to remotely control a MFD running LightHouse 3 or LightHouse II software, Raymarine offer the RMK-10 Remote Keypad. A feature request has been logged to consider support for the JCU-3 as well for MFDs running LightHouse 3 software.

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