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Full Version: [CA11] T210 to seatalkng integration
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Hi Guys, I have a full seatalkng installation in my 41 ' sailboat (two plotters, C95 inside and ES series outside, I50, I60, I70, Quantum radar, Autopilot).

I want to add large displays in the mast, and the only solution in the Raymarine family so far looks like being the wireless T210 and T215. Question: How can I connect them to my installation? Is the wireless data sent from my plotter enough? Should I add any interfase?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum alejandro,

In fact, E70361 Raymarine's Micro-Talk Wireless Performance Sailing Gateway is designed just for this purpose ... to function as a wireless bridge between TackTick products and a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. This solution would permit instrument data from your currently installed Raymarine products to be displayed on the TackTick wireless displays. The Micro-Talk would simply be interfaced as a spur to the system's backbone.
Thank you, Chuck!
You're welcome.
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