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Full Version: [TG11] Dragonfly 7
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I have a older style Dragonfly 7 that has a wee problem with the charts. occasionally a blue square will appear covering an area on the chart. If you zoom out it will disappear, but zooming in comes back and you cannot see that part of the chart.. a bit dangerous when close to rocks...

Can anyone advise what i need to do to fix this.. thank you.
Hello Bryan,

Can you tell me what version of software the Dragonfly is running (from the bottom-right corner of the Navigation screen at start-up)?

I seem to remember occasionally seeing a black - rather than blue - square similar to what you describe in early Dragonfly software, but haven't seen it for years.

If your Dragonfly is running older software (http://www.raymarine.com.au/view/index-id=9512.html then I'd recommend updating it, but if it's already running the latest then perhaps you could post a photo of what you see?

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