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Full Version: [CA11] Replacement for Z083 course computer
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I have a 47' sailboat that uses a ST7000 control head, Z083 course computer, fluxgate compass, rudder feedback, and type 2 linear actuator. I'd like to purchase a functioning replacement Z083 course computer as a spare, however, they are rare. If I can't find one, I'd want to replace the minimum number of components ($) to create a functioning autopilot system. Please advise which components would I need to replace.
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Raymarine's Evolution autopilots were introduced by Raymarine approximately 6 years ago and are the only type of autopilot sold by Raymarine. While the currently installed Type 2 Linear Drive and rudder reference transducer may be retained for use with an Evolution autopilot, the currently installed fluxgate compass and autopilot control head will be replaced with components specifically designed for Evolution autopilots. The required items as well as networking components are bundled in the T70161 EV-400 Sail System Pack.
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