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Raymarine forum - [CA11] Replacing a c97 with Axiom 9 RV - which adapter for DV transducer?

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Full Version: [CA11] Replacing a c97 with Axiom 9 RV - which adapter for DV transducer?
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I'm wanting to replace a C97 MFD that is connected to a 7-pin transducer cable with an AXIOM 9 RV. Sometime in the future I will install an RV transducer but for now I need an adapter to convert from the 25-pin AXIOM to the existing 7-pin plug coming from the existing DV transducer.

My problem is that I cannot figure out from the product descriptions whether my existing DV transducer terminates at a "7-pin embedded" connector (adapter #a80488) or the "7-pin CP370" connector (adapter #a80489).

Which adapter do I need?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum SloMotion,

Should the transducer have been directly (i.e. no adapter used) mated to the c97 MFD's Transducer socket, then it would not be a DownVision (DV) transducer ... it would be an A-Series 50kHz/200kHz conical fishfinder transducer. The A80488 is offered to adapt A-Series 50kHz/200kHz conical fishfinder transducers for use with Axiom RV MFDs. Should you respond with a photo of the information print on the transducer's identification tag (attached to the plug end of the transducer's cable), then I may be able to positively identify the transducer which is presently installed onboard.
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