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Full Version: [LW11] Lh3 GPS
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Hi I have a e127 that was running LH2? factory installed. The unit has run for over 2 years without a single problem.
I installed LH3 currently 3.10.71 numerous other versions tried.
Left port a few days later for a 500 mile crossing only to loose gps function completely and the unit to go into a reboot loop sporadically.
Lost faith in this unit there and then used iPad for rest of voyage
Since that episode contacted uk support and carried out updates when they became available. Obviously to no avail.
So still cannot rely on gps as it takes over 3 minutes to find a fix then continually drops the fix and restarts complete pain iPad works fine.
This is only since downgrading to LH3
Should this unit now have external wifi connection capability as in LH 2.It has no external wifi now. Should it have bluetooth ?

How do i upgrade back to LH2 I see i am not alone with these problems and am very disappointed with this product now and dont expect to have to waste time and effort to continually update to fix problems that are caused by poor software and have gps issues that were not there before.
Regards Phil Hughes
Dear huggs,

Thank you for your post.

Can you conform if your MFD is an E127 or an eS127. If it is the E127 LH3 should never have been installed in this unit as the hardware is not designed for it.

You can downgrade back to Lighthouse 2 by populating a microSD card with Lighthouse 2 software and formatted to FAT32 (8/16gB).

The software is available to download here, once you have the microSD card ready. Insert it in to the E127 and power the unit on, it will then downgrade the softwrae to Lighthouse 2.

Many Thanks
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