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Full Version: [CA11] SST Track Lines.
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Sea Surface Temperature Track Lines for Fishing.
When targeting certain species, you rely on certain sea water temperatures, and certain times of the year fish do get real finicky.
Great aide as well when doing fishing tournaments, bottom fishing, pelagic, etc.... Can zero in on that species.
Can the Axioms or Lighthouse 3 have a current track line that works in conjunction with the transducer water temperature. In other words, a Changing current track line as the Sea Surface Temperature changes.
For example;
56° - 60° Blue Track Line.
61° - 65° Green Track Line.
66° - 70° Yellow Track Line.
71°- 75° Orange Track Line.
76° - 80° Red Track Line.
It will stay that color of the corresponding water temperature.
The current track will aide you where the sea surface temperature breaks, Gulf Stream, and Eddies are on the water. This way you can zero in on the target species.
The "current track" will be all different colors until you discard it, or even save it.
This is allowing the chartplotter to adjust the temperature range automatically to the current water temperature.
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Thanks chuck!
You're welcome.
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