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Full Version: [LW11] ST60+ anemometer bearing replacement
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I am currently berthed in a small Portuguese harbour for the winter with no Raymarine support. I have ST60+ wind, speed and depth instrumentation. The wind speed has stopped working. Wind direction is working. Investigation has revealed sticking anemometer bearings. I have another ST60+ wind transducer with a crack in the lower body and a water damaged PCB, but the bearings are good. I would like to swap the good anemometer bearing from the unserviceable transducer to replace the faulty bearing in my otherwise serviceable transducer. I have removed the PCB, but the procedure to remove the anemometer bearing is not obvious. Please could you advise the correct procedure to strip and assemble this bearing? Images of the procedure would also be very helpful. Thank you.
Can you email support.uk@raymarine.com

Many Thanks
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