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Hi, I have a t120 wind and mn100 analogue display, recently I added the micro gateway to integrate to my 2k system, all works well.

Can the t129 connect direct to the micro gateway via the micronet as I’m looking at replacing the nm100 to a MFD unit?

Also I have on the system a NMEA 0183 micronet interface which is not used, how do I unregistered this from the network as when I disconnect it I get unit powered off alarm over the system, can find how to add units but not how to remove.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

While it is possible for a MFD running LightHouse 3 v3.11.42 or later software to calibrate an analog instrument transducer which has been interfaced to an iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter, it is not possible to calibrate Tack Tick instrument transducers via a MFD. Additionally, the Micro-Talk Gateway is not designed to communicate directly with the wind transducer, but instead with the system's wireless displays (see the Autonetworking — compatible Micronet displays section of Chapter 6.2: Autonetworking of the Micro-Talk Gateway Installation Instructions). Accordingly, the MN100 would need to remain within the system or be replaced with another compatible Tack Tick product identified within the aforementioned compatible Micronet displays section of Chapter 6.2 of the Micro-Talk Gateway Installation Instructions.
That’s understood, will keep it in the network.
Also I find sometimes the system looses the wind direction which seems to be the mast being in between the t120 and the mn100. I’m thinking of moving the gateway to on the deck, below the mast, in line of sight to the t120. Can you explain how I remove the nmea interface that’s redundant after fiti g the micro gateway? I’ve the redundant nmea interface that if I disconnect comes up on the rest as an alarm power failed.

Please note that the Tack Tick T122 NMEA 0183 Interface features a battery. Accordingly, disconnecting the T122's power leads or switching the circuit supplying it with power OFF will not break communications with the T122. To eliminate this alarm, it would be necessary to either remove the T122 from the vessel or to remove the T122's battery.
Have only switched of power so alarm indicates the power off not battery fail?
Will remove it completely and that should solve it.

What signal strength should the minimum be for comms to the windhead.

I read 3.6 most of 5he time which I understand is software ver3 and 6 signal, is that correct?

It is generally recommended that the Tack Tick equipment be installed in locations which will afford the equipment to report a signal strength of 3 or greater. Lower signal levels may result in intermittent or no communications. Please additionally note that when mounting Tack Tick wireless devices other than a wind transducer to a mounting surface (particularly if the mounting surface is made of metal), signal reception may often be significantly improved by installing nylon stand offs between the Tack Tick wireless device and the surface that it will be mounted to.
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