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Full Version: [CA11] Element 7S NAV+ Supported NMEA 2000 Networking
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I'm looking to buy an Element 7s NAV+ as part of a proposed Seatalk ng system comprised primarily of Raymarine equipment. I need to be able to see the AIS data from my Em-Trak B100 AIS Transceiver which I have verified is NMEA2000 certified. I'd also like to be able to use information from my legacy wind, speed and depth transducers networked through the ITC-5. However, looking at the specifications, it appears the Element is only compatible with a limited number of inputs excluding AIS and other networked instruments.
From the Element S Specification page on the website:
INPUT: NMEA2000 Compatible Engines (Max 2) | NMEA2000 Compatible Tank Sensors (Max 4) | Heading Sensor (for Chart Stabilization)
OUTPUT: GPS (for VHF Distress and DSC). Waypoint, Routes, and XTE for Autopilot. Waypoint and Route sharing between Element displays

I have attached a proposed schematic for the system I plan on my boat. It seems fairly simple from a NMEA 2000 perspective. Can you offer a comment on AIS and other instrument compatibility and does my system look workable to you?

Thanks very much
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Spencer,

You diagram looks great and should provide the communications between the products which you desire. In fact through software updates, LightHouse Sport software (which runs on the Element display) supports significantly more than the data items which you have listed. However, the number of supported engines and tanks has not changed. The complete list of NMEA 2000 PGNs capable of being received (RX) and processed by the Element displayed within Appendix A: NMEA 2000 PGNs of the LightHouse Sport (Version 3.9.xx) Advanced Operating Instructions.
Thanks for your quick and helpful response Chuck. I'm looking forward to pulling all the new system elements (ha ha) together over the winter for installation early spring before setting out for 10 or 12 weeks this summer.
You're welcome. Getting a jump on the upgrade now is a great way to ensure that you hit the ground running in the spring.
Hi Chuck,
One more question. I’m thinking of breaking this upgrade down to spread the cost over 2 years. I’ve attached a modified schematic showing me sticking with my legacy Wind, Speed and Depth instruments and delaying integration of the i70s until next year.
I have:
Wind - ST60+ (I think it’s a “+” model)
Speed - ST60 (I don’t think it’s a “+”)
Depth - ST50+ (I’m fairly certain it’s a “+” model… elsewhere on the forum I saw a response that the “+” versions of ST50 have a light bulb icon on the lower left of the display obviously along with other less visible differences.)

I’m fairly confident that this will work but would appreciate your comment, particularly on the ST50+ depth display.

If it's uncertain if it will work, that's ok... I can give it a try and if I have no success, I can either bite the bullet and get the i70s or live for a season seeing wind, depth and speed on the Element 7s only instead of on the standalone instruments.

Q. I’ve attached a modified schematic showing me sticking with my legacy Wind, Speed and Depth instruments and delaying integration of the i70s until next year.
A. The modified diagram appears to correctly indicate how the ST60/ST50+ instruments would be interfaced to the system. As you have suggested, if the CAL button had a stylized LAMP ICON next to it - that would confirm it was ST50+ instrument.
Thanks again for your quick and helpful reply Chuck.

You're welcome.
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