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Full Version: ST60 taking down ST1-STNG Converter
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I have a brand new install of STNG, and the MFD shows depth if I only plug in the Depth instrument to the converter, but if I plug the ST60 wind, it loses depth (and no wind). The ST60 wind is working fine when it receives power (either from NG converter or legacy ST1 power, and no there is not two sources of power). This happens with any combination of the ST1 connectors on the Wind and Depth head units.

An image of my network is attached and I hope makes sense.
Hello kev_rm,

It's a known characteristic of older ST1 instruments that if they have a failure in the Seatalk1 comms chip, they can pull down the network. I'm sorry to say that I think you'll need to replace that instrument. An i60 Wind will use the same masthead wind sensor and can connect either directly on the STNG side of the network or, if it's much simpler in your installation, to ST1 in place of the existing instrument via an A06047 ST1-STNG adaptor cable (does not convert data - the i60 can read/send ST1 data directly) and D244 Seatalk1 3-way junction block. The comms chip in the ST60 isn't repairable.

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