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Full Version: [CA11] GS-125 and RMK-9/10
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Hi, I am buying a boat with 2 GS-125's in it. I would like to add the RMK-10. Would I need 2 RMK-10's, one for each display? If not, how would I tell the RMK-10 which GS-125 to act on each time? Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wbdoll,

It is indeed possible for a single RMK-9/10 to control multiple MFDs. Determination over which of the systems MFDs (and application pane (Chart, Radar, Fishfinder, etc.) within the MFD) is being controlled by the RMK is accomplished via the RMK's switcher button. When the button is pressed, the rotary knob may be used to determine the MFD and the switcher button in turn may be used to select an application pane of the selected MFD.
Thank you for the quick reply Chuck!
You're welcome.
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