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Full Version: Seatalk ng to Seatalk hs using Raymarine p/n A06082
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Raymarine P/N A06082 = Connect Seatalk hs to Seatalk ng
Will this End Connector on a Spur cable and plugged into a port on HS5 Seatalk hs Network Switch [S/N: A80007045110]

Allow a “Route” from my a78 MFD to send the data to my recently installed

Raymarine = EV-200 Power Autopilot with Type 1 Hydraulic Drive Unit
West Marine = 14842843
Mfg = T70157UPC
= 723193774311
On the Seatalk ng backbone

What I want to do is to send a “route” from my a78 to the Autopilot on Seatalk ng to the installed ACU-200 & p70R Control Head

1. Can you control the Autopilot from the Software in the Raymarine a78 MFD to the p70R Autopilot Control Unit
2. My Qty (2) a78 MFDs uses Lighthouse II Release 19

Bobby Rees
Mobile = 252-362-3813
Email =
Sun = 01-05-20 @ 12:41 pm
Hello Bobby,

I've answered the first part of your question in your other post, but yes, you can control an EV pilot from LH2-R19 on a78. Just connect the Master a78 to STNG as described in the other post.

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