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Full Version: [CA11] AP Pump Location relative to steering ram?
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Hi, I'm just about to install all components of an Evolution AP system. My question is about pump location. When I installed my hydraulic steering several years ago, I included T's in the lines to allow for a future AP pump. However, the most convenient and suitable location on my boat for the mounting of the AP pump is approximately 12" below the location of the steering cylinder. The installation manual states the pump should be level or above the steering ram. In my specific situation, the steering ram is actually part of a power-assist system, so the main force driving the steering is my power assist system, and the hydraulic steering ram is there to activate the power assist actuator which in turn drives the steering. I am wondering if in this situation, my location will be suitable (12" below the ram location).... as it won't be working that hard, or if I should still be considering building a mount of some sort to elevate the pump installation?
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This situation is not nearly as uncommon as you may be believing. The most important consideration is that the helm pump be at a higher elevation than the autopilot hydraulic pump and steering cylinder to support proper bleeding of the hydraulic system. In an ideal scenario, the steering cylinder(s) is mounted lower than the autopilot hydraulic pump which is mounted lower than the helm pump.
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