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Full Version: [CA11] 0.0ft reading
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I have a c-series depthfinder. I recently put on a new airmar transducer and it was reading fine but after I had a wire burned on my horn it hasn't operated correctly. Now the unit reads 0.0ft, the same thing as before I replaced the transducer. I am going to replace my main ground wire from centerconsole to battery because I do not think it is any good. My Question is:

Is it possible that I may have a bad power connection/ground connection that may make my unit not read right even though it comes on with no problem. Or do I have to buy another transducer AGAIN.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum boudreaux77450,

Transducer failures are a relatively rare occurrence and it's hard to see how the reported failure with the horn could have had any impact upon a transducer. That said, it is certainly a good idea to verify that the power and ground cables be inspected from the equipment through any breaker panels / bus bars / terminals strips to the batteries and engine block (inboard or I/O engines) to ensure that the cables are in good shape, connector/terminals are free of corrosion, and all connections are tight. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how a 50kHz/200kHz fishfinder transducer's depth elements may be tested. It would be recommended that any transducer be tested prior to replacement. Should the transducer be operational and the reported problem persist, the it would appear that the DSM may have suffered a failure. As Raymarine is no longer able to service DSM300/30/250 fishfinder sounder modules, a failure of one of these fishfinder sounder modules would necessitate upgrading the system or searching for a second hand replacement for those using it in conjunction with a C-Series Classic MFD.
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