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Full Version: [CA11] i60 different versions
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Hi I am looking at buying a second hand i60 but there seems to be two versions. I currently have a tri data i50 with a silver bezel surround. The i60 wind I am looking at appears to have a black surround and therefore will not match? were two versions made. ?

I have attached screen shot of the one I am looking at buying. but the one I want looks like this :


are there different ones or just the black one is without the surround on?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Adam,

When initially produced, the p70, p70R, i70, i50, and i60 all featured gun metal painted bezels with softened (rounded corners) to match the a/c/e-Series MFDs which were available with these products were introduced. The MFDs following the a/c/e-Series MFDs (i.e. eS, Axiom/Axiom Pro) are black and feature edges which are more squared. All currently manufactured i70, i50, and i60 instruments are shipped with the black / squared bezel shown within the advertisement you have referenced. To support matching the of the p70/p70S/p70R/p70RS, i70/i70S, i50, and i60 products, Raymarine introduced the following optional bezel parts which may be ordered from an authorized Raymarine dealer:
- R70368 - black w/softened edges
- R22168 - gun metal w/softened edges
- A80355 - eS/Axiom styling black
- A80356 - eS/Axiom styling gun metal
Thanks Chuck.. that is what I needed to know
You're welcome.
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