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Full Version: pairing quantum wifi with a series mfd
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I'm trying to set up my new quantum radome with my new a78 mfd.

I cannot see an option in:


Is there something I'm missing?

Also is it possible to look up the SSID and password for the Radome from the serial number? Sadly I didn't keep the box and the unit is mounted pretty high up the mast. It would be a pain to have to go up the mast, unbolt the unit just to get a glimpse of the numbers. Surely RAYMARINE maintains a database with this information searchable by model and serial number...

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum NaimaSailor,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

The Quantum SSID and password must be known ... if this information is lost or inaccessible, then supplying Raymarine Product Support with the Quantum radome's serial number will permit the support team to generate a new SSID and password for the radome.
Just bought a new a75 NAG and a Quantum Radar a few weeks ago.
I am unable to pair the Quantum radar with my a75 MFD.
The WIFI option is turned on and I used that feature to download the new MFD SW version 17.45 using my home wireless router.
The radar is powered on, I opened the casing to see if there were any led's and yes, the main board has 2 green led's on plus one more flashing.
The WIFI card is also powered and I could see some leds lit.
My laptop has been able momentarily to see that the radar was on as I saw the SSID appear in the WIFi AP list.
the SSID is "Quantum_0160558"

Using the "Setup - System settings - External devices - Quantum radar - Pair with Quantum radar", I entered the SSID, as above plus the password" bd4d5348" as indicated on the labels provided.

Click "Connect" and then after 3-4 minutes I get the following message: "Could not find Quantum_0160558".

I need that system up and running by the end of this month,
Help please


Based upon the information supplied, it is recommended that the radome be brought to your Raymarine dealer to permit it to be connected to a MFD via a wired Ethernet interface. After doing so, the dealer should verify that it has been updated with the latest software and if not, update its software accordingly. After doing so, the wired Ethernet connection to the radome would be disconnected and the dealer should then test the ability of the MFD to connect to the Quantum radome via Wi-Fi. Should the problem persist, then the Quantum radome may be replaced by the dealer (if purchased within the last 30 days) or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked/serviced. Raymarine's Product Repair Center can also perform the above listed test.

I'm going to jump in here, since we just did ours. Make sure that you use an underscore for the space between Quantum and the number for your SSID. Or whatever the character is. Missed that with ours.
I updated the Quantum radar SW using an Ethernet cable (Raynet) to version 1.46, originally it was 1.36.
The a75 can now communicate with the Radar using WIFI.

The problem was indeed sw compatibility related.

Thanks for your support.

You're welcome.
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