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Full Version: [CA11] ST6000 Control Unit Upgrade
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My Raymarine ST6000 autopilot works well, except for the display has recently become a little glitchy. Is it possible to upgrade just the control unit and leave the rest of the system in place?

If so, will I have the newer NMEA 2k capability?

Thanks for your time.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brian,

The p70S/p70RS/p70/p70R autopilot control heads, i70S/i70 MFIDs, and i50/i60 instruments, and i70S/i70 MFIDs are not designed to functions SeaTalk to SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 data bridging devices. Accordingly, alone, they would do nothing to add NMEA 2000 interfacing / compatibility to the system. Compatibility with your currently installed autopilot course computer is dependent upon the model of autopilot course computer which the ST6000 autopilot control head has been interfaced to. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. When used with autopilot course computer designs preceding Raymarine's SPX autopilots, the p70S/p70RS/p70/p70R autopilot control head must be directly connected to the autopilot course computer's SeaTalk port or to a SeaTalk1 bus which in turn has been directly connected to the autopilot course computer's SeaTalk port.
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