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Sorry if you have answered this question already. I am installing an axiom pro rvx, and using an rv-100. I have an open. [censored] in a transducer flat I want to fill with a second transducer. Problem is the flat is fairly small, and units like the b175 won't fit. I can fit a unit with [censored] sizes in the 2-3/8" ranges. I saw a transducer b75 that should fit. Boat is a 272 GW sailfish. Will the b75 work? If not is there another with a small foot print and [censored]. Thanks.
Hello belego,

Yes, any of the B75s listed here will work with an Axiom Pro RVX (zero, 12 or 20-degree tilted elements and Low, Medium and High frequency bands.) If you're using only a single B75 then you need an A80328 Single B75/175 Operation Cable in-line as well.

If I may jump in here to help as I've just gone through something very similar. I currently have a Grady white sailfish 282. The transducer flat is not big enough for most transducers, Let alone a transducer with a fairing block. I currently had a b744 in that location with no fairing block which was reading great at any speed. I upgraded to axiom pro RVX and wanted a transducer with chirp, that was compatible with the axiom pro RVX and that would fit into the same spot.

The best choice was the b765. Which comes in either high/low or medium only chirp.
The reasons why I chose this transducer of the following:
-The B744 shares the same diameter whole size as the b765
-I've had great results on that transducer flat with no fairing block which means I would have to put a direct size replacement in that spot which the b765 is.
-Even though it is only a two element chirp transducer, it is still chirp and it is still compatible with axiom pro rvx.

Hope this helps is this directly applies to your situation. If you are looking to proceed with a larger size transducer you would end up having to remove one of your pickup inlets either on the port or starboard side closer to the keel in order to fit for its location. The reason why I know this is because I'm going to remove one of my pickups next year to make room for a pair of RV-220 transducers.
@Mleads310, thanks very much for jumping in. Great info!
Thank you guy's I can't wait to get started now. Great information. Thanks again. Mike
No thanks needed, I only ask you pass along the favor when someone else needs it. That's how I learned and am still learning every year when it comes to boating electronics etc. I'll post some pics this weekend of the B765 installed on the transducer flat so you can see what it actually looks like for reference. Also FYI for my correction, the B765 comes in L/H or L/M chirp. Also for future reference, you definitely don't want to put a flush mounted transducer like the B75 on that transducer flat as there is not meant for that location. You will never be able to read at speed. Any questions I can help you with please don't hesitate to ask. My knowledge with electronics in general is limited (that's why I'm grateful for this raymarine forum) but I learned a lot pertaining to what does and doesn't work with the 282 Grady white sailfish.
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