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Full Version: Diagram - Follow up to post from last night.
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Hello Chuck.. I was going to send this to you in a message, but I couldn't figure out how to add the attachment.

I submitted a forum post last night, asking a few questions about getting my Axiom and EV-100 autopilot hooked up an integrated with my Autohelm ST-50+ instruments. I thought I would send you this diagram to help you see what I'm planning to do.

Hopefully the diagram will help to figure out if I have a sound plan, or if it's not going to work unless something is modified.

I've spent the day getting rid of the rats nest left by the prior owner and removing the old ST4000+ autopilot system and Garmin GPS wiring.. I left a 12 volt wire available at the helm to power the Axiom and I routed two 12 volt wires down below to power the ACU-100 and STng network.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4020]

Thanks again!
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Joe,

Your diagram looks great.
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