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Full Version: [LW11] Navionics chart misinformation
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I just hooked up my Axiom Pro 12 RVS and am using the Navionics charts supplied with the plotter in the NAG package.

I'm planning to sail to Lahaina Harbor on Maui. My Navionics on the Chartplotter shows that the depths in the harbor are only 0.4 meters. My Open CPN and MaxSea charts (On separate PCs) both show the depths as being 2.7 meters.

My pilot books (Noodles, Mahaffey Cruisng Guide to Hawaii) also say the depth in Lahaina is 2.7 meters.

This now has me worried - if Navionics gets it wrong in an old long established harbor - where else do they get it wrong? Can someone check their Navionics package and see if it is just my charts? Or tell me that I'm doing something wrong? I hvae the chart detailed set to "detailed"
Hi carsten,

Can you please send a screenshot to support.uk@raymarine.com of the area.

Many Thanks
Dear carsten,

Please send any further queries regarding this to help@navionics.com

They will investigate this further, I have looked at the NOAA charts and they display the shallow depth info with a mariner warning stating that the depths have changed since 2009. The hydographic data displayed on cartography is dependant of the source of the data. Here is the NOAA chart

Many Thanks
Do you have water level in advanced chart options set to 2.3m?
Dear Philtadd,

Thank you for your post.

This is for Navionics to look at as there are 2 depths recorded at this location.

Many Thanks
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