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I use the wires from my AxiomPro RVX power cable to connect to my AIS via NMEA0183. The A78 which I use to view my charts and run my older Lighthouse II software autopilot does not have NMEA input cables on the power cord I discovered. My AxiomPro and a78 will not resolve data master. The a78 will not read the AxiomPro has data master.

I therefore cannot view the AIS data on the a78 which shows on the AxiomPro through the NMEA0183 connectors.

Is there a way to resolve this?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Greyharbor,

With the exception of Raymarine's legacy AIS250 and AIS950 products, all other Raymarine AIS products featured both NMEA 0183 and SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications interfaces. Accordingly, for all devices other than the AIS250 and AIS950, it would be recommended that the Raymarine AIS product and a78 MFD each be interfaced as a spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how a simple backbone may be constructed. Alternatively, the 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications leads / terminals of an AIS product may be interfaced to a 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-ISO-AIS), which in turn will be interface to a spur socket within the aforementioned backbone.
I see, the Actisense is the only way to tie the AIS product into the Seatalk system since the a78 has no appropriate NMEA wires in the power cable. But is it small, and does not interfere with forward vision as a backup unit, so it stays.

Q. Is it small, and does not interfere with forward vision as a backup unit, so it stays.
A. Please note that the Actisense NGW-1-ISO-AIS is a third party NMEA 0183 data bridge details of the product may be better addressed to Actisense. The Actisense NGW-1-ISO-AIS would typically be be installed below decks or otherwise protected from weather and the marine environment and as such should have no impact upon forward vision nor the operation of the MFD with respect to any features which it presently supports. The body of the NGW-1-ISO-AIS is approximately 6" long.
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