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Full Version: [CA11] Using Element 7S to update system components
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I recently purchased a number of new Raymarine items including an Element 7S to upgrade my boat’s systems. A system schematic is attached.

Since I’ve never done it before, I’ve been researching how to update software on my new purchases including reviewing FAQs and questions on this forum. I bought the following items that may require s/w updates from time to time:

Element 7s Chartplotter/MFD
i70s Multifunction Instrument
ITC-5 Analogue Transducer to STng converter
E22158 STng to ST1 converter
Evolution Autopilot comprised of:
EV-1 Sensor
ACU-100 Autopilot Control
p70s Autopilot Head

It looks like the way to update s/w for each item is to do so through the Element 7s MFD. However, when I look at the Software Update page for each item, the Element series of chart plotters isn’t listed as a method to update component s/w. For example, the s/w update page for the ACU-100 is shown here listing several current and many legacy Chartplotter / MFDs as compatible for the upgrade but no Element.

Is it possible to get newly released individual component software that can be installed using my Element 7S MFD?

Or, does the latest Element software download include the latest software for all components and there is therefore no need to download individual component updates?



Your diagram looks great. Regarding software updates to Raymarine products, they are indeed initiated via the Element display. Unfortunately, Raymarine's individual product software update web pages have not been updated to include downloads to perform the updates from an Element display. However, the compressed folder which may be downloaded to update the Element display additionally contains the software update .iso files to all other Raymarine products which are designed to be updated via an Element display. Simply right click on the downloaded compressed folder and select Extract All to extract the entire contents of the compressed folder to the root level directory of the microSD memory card. When the microSD memory card is inserted into the MFD's memory card reader, options to update the system's other Raymarine products will be presented to the operator.
Thank you Chuck. That's helpful. I haven't installed the system on my boat yet and likely won't until April. However, I did power up the Element 7S on its own to explore its functions. Since I was at home with good wifi, I downloaded the updated Lighthouse Sport V3.10.10 s/w onto the Element directly instead of downloading onto my computer and transferring to a microSD card. Once I connect the rest of the system, will the Element recognize that the new components are there and give me the option to update the interconnected components s/w using the version I downloaded directly or do I need to create a microSD card with the new s/w. i.e. Does the updated s/w for components not yet connected remain resident in the Element or do I need to download again once I have the system fully interconnected?

General comment: There's no reason why equipment (except for fishfinder transducers) may not be powered off of the vessel. During the offseason / prior to installation, you may want to consider assembling a simple backbone which would include the MFD and one of the Raymarine components to be updated. Upon updating the component's software, the component may be unplugged from the backbone and replaced with the next component to be updated.

Q1. Once I connect the rest of the system, will the Element recognize that the new components are there and give me the option to update the interconnected components s/w using the version I downloaded directly or do I need to create a microSD card with the new s/w.
A1. I would recommend using a microSD memory card containing the entire contents of the Element display's compressed folder.

Q2. Does the updated s/w for components not yet connected remain resident in the Element?
A2. Negative.
Hi Chuck,
I proceeded as you suggested and built a system on the bench before installing in my boat. (Picture of the system attached.) It appears to be connected properly and everything connected can be seen by the Element 7s. (Screenshot of "Networked devices" shown on Element display attached.)
I downloaded the latest Element s/w that contains updates for all networked equipment onto my computer and then moved it to the root directory of a 16Gb FAT32 Ultra High Speed microSD card. (Screenshot from my laptop showing the downloaded files and the format of the microSD card attached.)
However, when I insert the microSD into the Element 7S, I don't receive a prompt "Software update found. Install the update now?" as expected and as shown in section 4.5 of the Lighthouse Sport V3.10 manual.
I wiped the microSD card clean and repeated the process with the same result. I don't know how to get the updates onto the networked components. You may recall from my earlier post that I have already updated the Element 7s to the latest Lighthouse Sport 3.10.10 s/w.
The Element is sensing the presence of the card. I can tell because the Import, Export and Eject SD Card buttons are active when selected under Settings. They are greyed out when the card is ejected.
Can you recommend how I should proceed to update the software of my connected devices via the Element 7s?

Thanks Chuck.


For the benefit of others who may be viewing this thread, please verify that you have followed the procedure specified within the FAQ found here for populating the SD memory card. From your screen snapshot of the Apple computer, it appears that the SD memory card was properly populated. Should the software update dialog not appear, you can also select Check SD card from the Update software pop-over options (Homescreen >
Settings > Getting started > Update software). Should the problem persist, then try re-formatting the SD memory card with a NTFS file system.
Thank you Chuck,
I was following guidance from para 4.5 from the Lighthouse Sport V3.10.10 manual and an earlier FAQ here (There's a picture of it printed to beside my bench test setup). The updated FAQ that you referenced was very helpful. The key was to get to HOME->SET-UP->GETTING STARTED->UPDATE SOFTWARE->CHECK SD CARD which immediately "woke up" the SD card and I was given the options to update s/w on my i70s, p70s and ACU-100.
All s/w is now up to date and I'm looking forward to installing everything once the weather is suitable.
Thanks again for your prompt and helpful assistance.

You're welcome/
Hi Chuck,
I have the system 90% installed in my boat now. I'm going slowly and carefully to make sure all is OK. I see that there is a new s/w release for my Autopilot ACU100 - V3.04 / 3.12 released in April 2020. Previously, I had updated all of my components' s/w by downloading the Element 7S package that includes s/w upgrades for all the components. (V3.10.10 released Nov 2019). However, I don't know how to get the new ACU100 software onto my equipment. Looking at the Autopilot s/w download page, there isn't an option to use an Element 7S MFD. And the Element 7S s/w update page is still V3.10.10 from Now 2019 and hasn't changed since I last downloaded it. Can you tell me how I can get the latest ACU100 s/w onto my system?

Hi spencerdd,

I checked and the pilots sw was updated to include the latest version of software. it does appear to be so but if you now download the latest element update the pilot sw is newer,

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