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Full Version: [LW11] update element
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hello is there a way to restore an element that would have missed an update
it did not happen but already u the turn with other brand finding me with an unusable device
Dear romucifer,

Thank you for your post.

The Element has not had many major updates and you do not need to backward install software to keep it up to date, what are the issues you are experiencing?

To update the Element to the latest software please have a look on our website here.

Many Thanks
hello I do not meet any problem but I wonder if a failed update is it possible to restore the element without having to send it back to the sav because I already had the problem on other brand and impossible to restore the device without sending it back to sav
Dear romucifier,

Thank you for the post.

I am unsure where you are sending the Element relating to this issue?

when the Element states a failed update, this relates to SW only. It will have no impact on the unit and the Element will just operate as it did before. Therefore no restoration is required.

Many Thanks
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