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Full Version: [CA11] Stereo unit NMEA2000 compatibility with Axiom
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I am looking to replace my stereo head control unit and am trying to decide between the below 2 units. Both state NMEA2000 but I have not seen specifically where either is compatible and can be controled etc on the Axiom units. I do see for the JL unit it specifally states other brand mfd's that are but not Raymarine. And the Fusion is Garmin so know works great with that but again I can't find info about their use with the Axioms. Can anyone chime in their experience with either unit stereo connected to the Axiom. Also, how about the WIFI feature; has anyone had luck using it with the axiom with wifi network to stream music off their phone over wifi to the sound system?
Screen shot photos of what the display of any of this on the axiom would be greatly appreciated as well. thank you

Stereo radio units looking at:
JL Audio MM100s (not the 'be' but the previous model)

Fusion Marine Audio
MS-RA770 and MS-RA670
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The complete list of Rockford Fosgate and Fusion entertainment systems which are supported for use with MFDs running LightHouse 3 software may be found within the Compatible entertainment systems section of Chapter 16.1 Audio app overview of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions. As you have inferred, only the JL Audio MM100s-BE version of the MM100s is supported. Both of the Fusion entertainment systems which you have listed are supported. Communications between the stereo head unit for command and control will be either NMEA 2000 or optionally wired Ethernet should the stereo head unit support Ethernet communications. When using LightHouse 3 Apps featuring audio output (ex. Spotify, Netflix, etc.), a Bluetooth pairing of the MFD and entertainment system will additionally be established (requires that the entertainment system support Bluetooth communications), in which an entertainment system will be configured to play audio from a Bluetooth source. The MFD's Wi-Fi will be connected to an Internet access point through which it will access the content required to support the LightHouse 3 app.
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