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Full Version: [LW11] AIS 700 no display on C120W
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Hi, I have just installed an AIS700 and connected to a C120W via nmea200/seatalkng. I am seeing no AIS on the screen. There is nothing showing on the AIS list. It is connected to a seatalkng backbone with power and terminals and is the only seatalkng device on the system. When I use the system diagnostics option I can see received frames on the seatalkng feed which stops if I disconnect the spur cable and starts again when I connect it but still nothing on the screen. AIS layer is “on” is there anything else I can check please? The C120W shows “no AIS” Many thanks Iain.
Hi Ian,

What is the indicator light on the AIS700 showing?

You mention it is the only product on the STng backbone, can you confirm the backbone has the following;

2 terminators - 1 at each end
12v power supply
1 spur for the C-Wide
1 Spur for the AIS700

Please connect the AIS700 to ProAIS2 and check the following;

Configuration - is the MMSI and all ships details correctly entered?
GNSS status - a good healthy GPS fix
Diagnostics - all the ticks are green? Status is green for ok?
Other vessels tab - are you seeing vessels in this list to confirm the AIS700 is receiving?

Many Thanks
Hello Louise, apologies for missing out those details. I can confirm that the AIS status light is green, I’ve connected Pro AIS 2 and all diagnostics are good. I can see numerous ships on the pro AIS software. Our vessel can be seen on marine traffic and is receiving ships from as much as 20 miles away. I purchased a stng starter kit specifically so yes there is a backbone with 2 x Terminals, a 12v supply and spur cables to the mfd and AIS 700. On the mfd diagnostics there are no stng devices showing but when I view the buffer I can see both RX and TX counting up. Remove the spur cable and the RX counter stops, replace it and it starts again so it appears something is getting through. The mfd main display shows “no AIS” Thanks Iain
Hi again Louise, I think I may have found the problem. Perhaps you can let me know if you agree. I have discovered that my software is v1.12 (original release I think?) and that in a later version seatalkng support is added for AIS500. I’m guessing I need that software for the c120w to recognise the ais700 on stng? I am in the process of purchasing a flash card and reader to do that update but it will be a few days. Let me know if you think that is likely to be the problem? Thanks Iain
Dear IFraser,

Yes that would resolve the issue, you would see the targets on NMEA0183 but not STng with V1.12. Do update to V2.35.

Always check for regular software updates and update accordingly for your products.

Many Thanks
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