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Full Version: [CA11] Raymarine Cartography Adaptor
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We purchased a Sealine which has a Raymarine C80, as we could not get charts for it and were advised to purchase Navionics charts and a Raymarine Chartography Adaptor - which we did - a note with the adaptor says a software upgrade may be required - you will need to upgrade your product to the latest software before use - can you confirm if it is the software on the C80 or the software on the adaptor that needs to be upgraded?
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As indicated within the Software History table of the C-Series Classic MFD software update web page, support for the Raymarine Cartography Adapter (uSD / CF adaptor) was introduced with the v5.04 software update. Accordingly, should the MFD currently be operating with earlier software, then it would be necessary to update the MFD's software with C-Series Classic MFD v5.16 software (the final software update).
Many thanks Chuck,

We'll check the software and update if needed.
You're welcome.
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