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Hi, I recently added a new AIS500 to my all Raymarine system. AIS is working fine with one exception. When the AIS is on the boat icon on my C80 changes orientation while underway. The boat icon moves sideways or backwards.

When I shut off the AIS it re-orientates itself to the correct heads up and moves through the map correctly.

I cannot figure out what is causing this. The AIS was hooked up by a registered technician and appears to function normally.

I do have a X30 autopilot hooked up and that is working without any issues.
thanks for you help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bfiegener,

If properly installed, the MFD will be interfaced via both SeaTalk and NMEA 0183 communications protocol to the autopilot course computer. One may verify that the autopilot is interfaced to the MFD via SeaTalk by examining the MFD's SeaTalk Devices list (MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS->EXTERNAL INTERFACES->SEATALK; SEATALK DEVICES). Is the X30 Autopilot Course Computer listed?

Both the AIS500 and X30 Autopilot Course Computer need to pass data to the MFD via NMEA 0183 communications protocol. However, the C/E-Series Classic MFDs feature a single NMEA 0183 port, necessitating that the autopilot's NMEA 0183 output port alone be interfaced to the 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 input leads of the AIS500. The 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 Output leads of the AIS500 would in turn be interfaced to the NMEA 0183 input leads of the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable. The NMEA 0183 output leads of the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable would then in turn be interfaced to the 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 Input leads of the AIS500 to support supplying GPS and other system data to 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 listeners (ex. DSC VHF Radio).

When your AIS is powered ON, it is permitting heading from the autopilot to be passed through to the MFD. Should the autopilot's fluxgate be installed within three feet of objects creating a magnetic field, then it will affect the heading from the autopilot course computer. It is correspondingly recommended that the area of the fluxgate be checked and that you the calibrate and align your autopilot's heading sensor per your autopilot's commissioning guide. After doing so, the vessel should be steered at various headings to ensure that the autopilot's heading matches the vessel's properly calibrated fluid filled compass (should one be installed onboard).
thanks for your reply. We followed the attached diagram to hook up the AIS. Are you saying that the white and green wires on the AIS should be connected to my X30 output leads instead of the VHF? I do have a DSC VHF hooked per the diagram.

Also, in the configuration of the AIS using PROAIS should the AIS be configured to not pass GPS?

thanks again
thinking more about it, it makes sense what you are saying. The x30 was hooked up as you described. When we hooked up the AIS and switched the baud rate on NEMA to 38400 rate on the MFD I lost my heading sensor from the autopilot. When I switched it back to 4800 the boat icon corrected itself.

So, just to be clear in my own head, I need to rewire the output nema leads of the X30 to the input nema 4800 leads on the AIS. Do I lease the output leads from my VHF hooked up or do I not need to hook these leads up to the AIS?
I assume that the multiplexer on the AIS will combine the 4800 transmissions from the X30 and send it out at 38400 back to the MFD?

Is my thinking correct here?
thanks again

Per our phone conversation, SeaTalk communications alone with the autopilot will support supplying the MFD with 1Hz heading data. 10Hz heading is required for use of the MFDs MARPA features as well as to maximize the MFD's other heading dependent features. It appears as though the AIS500 may have been incorrectly installed within your system. Only the AIS500's 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 leads should be interfaced to the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable. The AIS500's 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 output leads should be interfaced to the 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 input leads of the DSC VHF radio. If not interested in having the MFD plot DSC position reports (these may be received from the VHF radio), then the AIS500's 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 input leads may instead be interfaced to the X30's NMEA 0183 output port to supply the MFD with 10Hz heading data. In the absence of heading data (verified by examining the MFD's "Heading" data item, the MFD will utilize COG to orient the vessel icon.
thanks for the phone call and quick response. Im clear on what I need to check and fix.
As always, you guys are the best.
You're welcome.
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