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Full Version: [LW11] Changing autopilot system $ rewire to connect st1 to stng
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Dear Sir / Madam

Your help would be greatly appreciated, I have read many of the threads and think I under stand a little better now just how complicated this gets, but I think I have worked out how to interconnect my equipment. What looked like a good days work is going to take a good bit longer I think. I have drawn up a simple schematic electrical drawing which I think will work but would like your opinion on anything I may have wrong before I go ripping out and rewiring the system.

My yacht is a Sigma 362 used for pleasure cruising the equipment is old but works as it was designed to. The Auto Pilot system comprises of ST4000+ controller, Mk 2 wheel drive, Rudder Ref Unit, and a Fluxgate Compass. The new EV-100 Wheel Pilot system looked like a good and easy upgrade for better handling, bought one and hope it was a good move but not as simple as I thought it was going to be, Ha well we'll get there hopefully with a little bit of help.

Kit on the yacht now is:-
ST4000+ Autopilot, Mark Two Wheel Drive, Rudder Reference Unit, Fluxgate Compass
Two E80 Chartplotters, ST60 & ST60+ Wind, ST60 Speed & Temp, ST60 Depth Inst's
250 ASI Receiver, Basic Raymarine Radar, 218 VHF Radio & Hand held 2nd Station, RS125 GPS Receiver, NMEA,PC,ST1 Interface E85001.

Please find attachment drawing, it was done on Tiny Cad, but transferred to a word document.
Kind Regards
Tom Welsh
Dear goremire,

Thank you for ypour post.

There does not appear to be an attachment, would you kindly reattach to the thread?

Thank you
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