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Full Version: [CA11[ ST60 Windvane Replacement #22012 question
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Can I replace the entire windvane model 22012 (square cup model) with the newer round cup model 28170?
Will the 28170 fit the mount and attach to the older 22012 mount ok.
See my pictures of the 22012 with small set screw that acts to align plug.
I read I may have to make a speed setting adjustment and remove an O ring.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum a1sailor,

What model of wind instrument is the wind vane presently interfaced to?
The existing vane is interfaced with the Raymarine ST 60 display.

As indicated within the FAQ found here, although possible, it would be recommended that the ST50 masthead block and cable be replaced with the currently produced masthead block and cable to avoid possible damage to the replacement masthead wind transducer's pins.
Hi Chuck,
The existing unit is ST60 not an ST50. The existing mast mounted receptacle unit does have a key slot, the vane has a set screw that appears to act as a key to fit into the mast mounted receptacle unit for alignment purposes. Please see picture sent in 1st post.

Are you saying my existing vane is an ST50 version?
The part # on the existing vane is : A22012

I understand that the instrument may be a ST60 Wind instrument. However, the photos of the masthead wind transducer are those of a ST50 / ST290 masthead wind transducer.
I did not realize vane was ST 50 version. It does have a "key" and a "keyway" on mast mount. With this feature should the newer vane version align pins properly and attach to mast mount. Please see new pic of existing "key" on existing vane.
Thank you

As indicated within my earlier response, although possible, it would be recommended that the ST50 masthead block be replaced. That said, should your currently installed masthead block accept the masthead transducer's key, then it may be retained for use with the currently offered E22078 Masthead Wind Transducer.
Thank you, this is helpful.
You're welcome.
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