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Full Version: [CA11] C80 Upgrade issues
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I recently purchased a fishing boat that has a Raymarine C80 system installed. The previous owner kept the CF card that was in it. I have been having a great deal of trouble finding a card that will work in my system.

I went online to Raymarine and downloaded the software upgrade for the C80. I placed the following files on a 128MB CF card:

Name Date Modified Type Size
AUTORUN.DOB 8/26/2009 2:34PM DOB File 227 KB
C_App_Prod516.pkg 5/29/2012 9:56AM PKG File 5,876 KB

When I placed this CF card in my C80 it did nothing. It did not run the Raymarine Software Upgrade Utility Screen so I was unable to upgrade.

These are the Software Details on my system currently.

Raymarine C80 Unit Info: Software Details
Product Name: C80 Display
Product Family: C Series
Product ID: D579
Serial Number: E02020 0651642
Bootcode Version: v1.05
World Map Version: v1.0
App version: v4.30
App Bulid Time: Thu May 2008 17:28:21 GMT
App Build Label: Development Build
App Build Machine: LT1321
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