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Full Version: [DG11] Axiom connection to legacy equipment
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I am looking to purchase the Axiom MFD.
this is the kit I have at the moment.
Auto helm 6000 with radio nav unit. Linear drive type 1
St60+ wind/depth/speed all linked in serial Seatalk
Ray49E vhf

What connectors do I require to plug everything together please?
I will also add a new gps unit.

I will add radar and ais later
I would like to know if the auto helm could be upgraded but keeping the linear drive unit.

Many thanks

Hi Matt,

Thankyou for your enquiry

The AXIOM displays share data via Raymarine's STng which is compatible with NMEA2000. The current equipment you have onboard shares data using SeaTalk - a proprietary data protocol from Raymarine.
The AXIOM can be connected to your existing SeaTalk network through a SeaTalk to STng converter, which is described [url=http://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.php?tid=7632]here[url/].
You will need an E22158 converter and an A06075 Devicenet to STng converter cable to link the AXIOM to the Seatalk network.
The new GPS is likely to be STng compatible and will connect to the new STng network that the AXIOM is connected to - remember if using an external GPS to turn OFF the AXIOM internal GPS.

The T1 linear drive will be able to be operated from the current Evolution autopilot electronics, ( EV1, ACU200 and p70S control head)


Thanks Derek

Could you confirm how I connect the radio nav unit from the auto helm to the Seatalk?
Hi Matt,

The radio navigation interface cannot be used with the Evolution autopilot, you can either use the NMEA2000 from the GPS navigator and connect direct to the STng backbone of the new Evolution autopilot, or you can use an Actisense NMEA0183 to NMEA2000 interface to convert the NMEA0183 from the GPS navigator to the STng backbone.
Many Thanks
Hi Matt,

You're welcome

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