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Full Version: [CA11] hsb2 RL80C - connected to NMEA 0183 GPS data source
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I have a RayMarine RL80C that works fine for radar, but the Raymarine GPS unit was removed from the boat since it no longer worked. As a result the RL80C has "NO FIX".
I assume the RL80C was receiving its GPS coordinates from the old GPS.
I recently purchased an ICOM M330 with GPS, and I was wondering if I could use the NMEA output from the ICOM to feed GPS coordinates to the RL80C?
I have SeaTalk installed.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

2001 38' SeaRay
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cgrosby,

Should the ICOM M330 feature a built-in GPS receiver and should it support transmission of 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 RMC, GSA, and GSV sentences as appears to be the case within the ICOM M330 Owner's Manual, then either of the unused pairs of NMEA 0183 IN leads of the RL80C's Power/NMEA 0183 Input Cable may be interfaced to the NMEA 0183 output leads of the ICOM M330 to supply the RL80C with GPS data. Color codes for the NMEA 0183 lead of the RL80C's Power/NMEA 0183 Cable may be found on the tag affixed to the cable as well as within the Power and NMEA Input Connection section of Chapter 8: Installation of the hsb2 PLUS Series Color LCD Display Owner’s Handbook. It is recommended that the ICOM M330 Owner's Manual be consulted for any configuration settings which may need to be configured to enable NMEA 0183 transmission of GPS data by the ICOM M330.
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